I have noticed a few artists like to reflect back on the past year and see how their art has developed from previous years. I find it quite interesting but never really bothered to try it myself. well, until today. And the results were somewhat unexpected. 2014 is the year I became a sculptor.

2014 artwork

*I have not included any Graphic Design or Photography into this collection, only personal artworks.

I’ve always been a 2D artist, branching out a little but always returning to my trusty pencil or brush. However, looking at the work I have completed throughout 2014 there are a measly 3 paintings, a few sketches (I added to bulk up the 2D art range) and more 3D art than I could fit onto the page. Roughly 5 dead faery sculptures and at least 25+ hanging toadstools, 2 rings, 1 cross stitch and a bunch of other little creations along the way.

Hand sculpted clay toadstools

Hand sculpted clay toadstools

Corpse close up

Faer corpse close up

It’s surprising to see so few paintings, then again it was also the year of the toddler. Need I say more.

Watercolour and coloured pencils, A4

The Water Nymph – Watercolour and coloured pencils. Experimenting with dripping watery paint after becoming mesmorised with the amazing work of Lora Zombie.

The image below was created for a particular exhibition where artists were given a theme and had 24 hours to complete an artwork. The theme was ‘The thief of Time’ so I went with the idea of being ‘away with the faeries’ and losing time when you’re daydreaming.


And seeing that there are so few artworks I may as well post them all! My painting of Kurt Cobain was in fact an entire make over for a painting I’d been touching up for years. Pretty pleased with the results, think I’ll keep this one.

Kurt Progress 2

It’s a little sad to look back and realise I did so little this year, but in all honesty I found myself making a lot of toadstools and dead faeries, which I seemed to have a bit of a demand for which was really exciting! And hey, they’re fun to make as well. So I didn’t really stop painting I just became a sculptor for a while. I guess this means you’ll be seeing plenty more in 2015.. fun (and busy) times ahead!

Daed Faery Conjoined Twins Corpse. Known as 'Faery Specimen #2'

Daed Faery Conjoined Twins Corpse. Known as ‘Faery Specimen #2’

Other achievements for the year:

Completed the 365 photography project

Had new artwork in 4 exhibitions (One painting, one photography and three sculptures)

Published in a book (a craft fail mind you but hey, my work was published! Score!)

Runner up in 1 photography competition

Sold my favourite painting. Ever.

Acrylic on stretched canvas - Sold

‘The Mad Hatter’s Daughter’ Acrylic on stretched canvas – Sold *Sniff sniff* Goodbye my pretty..

It was a brilliant year all up, art wise, and I’m looking forward to making a heap more art this year! I am aiming to build up stock and sell many more toadstools and faeries through my Etsy shop, as well as participating gift shops. I do intend to paint more too, but he no stress as long as I’m being creative in some way I’ll be happy!