So.. I have decided to finally take on the 365 photography challenge! I’ve always wanted to give it a go but couldn’t quite commit myself to it. The challenge is to take a photo every day for an entire year.. which when you think about it really isn’t as easy as it first sounds. My main concern is actually remembering to do it every day! And remembering to take my SLR with me.. instagram doesn’t count. I will allow myself to spend an extra day or so working on the pictures in photoshop if I have a particular idea in mind, but the photos themselves will be taken each day.

I love the idea of being creative every single day, even if I’ve only got 5 mins to spare.. and in the end having a visual ‘diary’. So what made me decide to commit to this now, while I have a 3 month old to look after!? Ha! Guess that adds to the challenge. Well a friend of mine had decided to write a poem every day for a whole month, so I challenged her to a year.. I happened to mention this challenge so she in turn challenged me back. How could I say no? I’ve always wanted to give it a go so now seems like a pretty good idea! And tomorrow seems even better.. so tomorrow it is!

I’ll be posting the photos, starting tomorrow, on my facebook page here. Now, I can’t promise I’ll actually post the photos every single day.. but I certainly plan on taking them every day and posting as soon as I get the opportunity to. Have you ever tried this challenge or one similar before? If you have, how did you go? Did you complete it to the end? Feel free to post a link in the comments I’d love to see!