Oh my dark soul I would LOVE to experience Halloween in America sometime cos you guys go completely over the top and I am jealous as hell! Screw Christmas with all its jolly hoo ha I want to scare the heebie jeebs out of people.

What an awesome holiday.. such a shame we don’t really celebrate it here in Australia. If we did, it would be my favourite holiday hands down. Sure there’s some creepy decor and lollies available in the shops but trick or treaters? Lucky if I get a couple of kids knock on the door.

In fact the first time I ever had trick or treaters was about 3 years ago and I was totally unprepared. I frantically searched my cupboards and came back with muesli bars and a cake mix.

The following year I prepped myself and I prepped myself good. Packets upon packets of fun size choccie bars, oreo wafers and lolly pops. I was going to be ‘that house with the awesome treats!’ house. That night I had two door knockers. Two. All up about 5 kids. So sure enough I spent the rest of the night stuffing my face with fun size choccie bars. Ok so I admit I enjoyed indulging in chocolate but that’s not how it was supposed to be!

The year after that, last year in fact, I scrapped the trick or treat idea alltogether (good thing as we’d moved and I don’t think we had any door knockers anyway) and instead I put on a Halloween feast. Now that was fun.. everyone dressed up and I had a hella good time creating slightly creepy food and even slightly less creepy decor..

Let’s keep in mind I was on a budget. A packet of fake web and a few plastic spiders was about all I could afford after buying the food. But I enjoyed it all the same, and the webs stayed up until Christmas.


Finally, an excuse to try out Day of the Dead make up!


Difficult to see but there’s a big black hairy spider in the bowl of lollies.. there’s also a remote. Oh yeah, I had a fabulous time telling my friends to take some lollies while I attempted to scare the pants off them!

See, it’s things like this that baffle me as to why we don’t celebrate Halloween around here!


Eye ball salad anyone?


Spider infused potato salad? They double up as fashionable rings. Score! I still have these guys floating around the house.. every now and then they scare the crap out of me too.


Yes, the roast is looking at you. With its mouths open. Twin head freaky roasty goodness to be exact.


And my favourite.. Death by Chocolate Mousse! Oh yeah.. chocolate mousse with biscuit/dirt crumble, tomb stone Tim Tams and chocolate trees. No need for bowls we grabbed a spoon each and dove right in.

Apologies for not having a more Helloweeny type post, but I wanted to get in on the action and my feast from last year is all I had.

You’re welcome πŸ™‚

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