Crafter, creator, dead faery maker

Hi, I’m Rebecca, and Australian fantasy artist.

I’m a coffee fiend, a mother, a partner, cat lover and collector of dead things.

An artist, a creator, artisan, graphic designer, photographer, a collector of curiosities and curator of faery artefacts.

I love fantasy and am inspired by nature, faeries, mythical creatures and magical worlds.

I’m fascinated with the darker side of faeries and folklore. I love faeries that bite, mischevious sprites, magick, witchcraft and finding beauty in the grotesque.

I am on a constant journey to explore new styles, techniques and push my art to new levels.

Come join me on my travels to explore the light and dark side of faery life as I create enchanting and unique pieces that aim to transport us to another realm.

Thank you for stopping by!

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