I have some very big news to share with you all!

But first, a little background..

As some of you may already know, earlier this year I began studying small business. The opportunity came up and I found myself having a ‘why the hell have I not thought of this earlier?’ moment. The stars aligned, there was magic in the air.. THIS is what I was meant to be doing. I’d never felt so ‘on the right path’ as I did the moment I signed up.

I wanted to absorb everything like a sponge. I ignored the house, ignored the world and studied my face off. I had big plans. I was going to turn B.Inspired into a real living, breathing, business.

I mean, I’d been trying to run B.Inspired like a business, for years. But as it turns out, I had absolutely no idea what I was actually doing.

Now I’ve got a pretty good idea what to do, but putting it all into action is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. Will I succeed? Will I fail? No idea, let’s find out!

My business officially launches on the 10th of June. This is the date I was given to start, and would you believe it happens to fall on a new moon? New beginnings! How perfect is that? My little hobby is growing and evolving, and to mark this new chapter I have decided to change my business name.

No hard feelings B.Inspired, you’ll always have a special place in my soul xx

This is a huge thing for me, because I’ve had the name B.Inspired for about 13 years. It came from my school nick name ‘B.’ and the word ‘inspired’ which at the time suited me well. I was still exploring with my art and wanted to keep the name really broad. However, I feel now it’s a bit dated and due for an upgrade.

Which brings me to.. my new name. I wanted something completely different that has never been used before and won’t be confused with any other businesses. It needs to reflect my art style and cover all areas from faery art and jewellery to witchy crafts and oddities..

B.Inspired is very proud to announce, her new name will be..

Menagerie of Magick

How exciting is this! I am so happy with it, it feels just right. Wait until you see the logo though, it’s a stunner and I’m so proud of it! I’ll be releasing the new logo on my socials this Thursday night, June 10th at 8:52pm (to coincide with the new moon!).

I will also be hosting a giveaway to celebrate, so keep an eye out on my facebook page to enter!



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Menagerie of Magick Logo Reveal

8 Comments on “Announcement!

  1. Congratulations, I am soo happy that your dreams are finally turning into a REALITY!! I would love to start a small buisness with my mandalas, but mayb I shud give it sometime!♥️🎈

  2. Sounds like an exciting transformation is about to unfold for you! I like the new name and wish you all the best. Thanks for visiting my blog, you’ve scored a new follower and look forward to watching your vision evolve 😀