During April (and er, overflowing into May..) I took part in a little art challenge set up by a fellow faery artist and friend, Faerie Sarah of Handmade Wonderland.

5 Mondays in April exploring Art Witchery..

Week 1: Meet the Art Witches

It seemed fitting to do a self portrait for this prompt and it was interesting to compare the painting to my actual real life face afterwards. Turns out I painted my features too big, note to self: don’t paint features too big.

Week 2: Elemental Week

Considering I’m an Aries and my element is fire, and also due to the fact I need more practice painting fire, I decided to go with – you guessed it – the water element. Nah kidding, fire element! I had no intentions of painting Rhianna but she kind of looks a bit like her to me. My fire painting skills need more practice but I think I’m improving.

Week 3: La Luna Week

Ah the moon! I was going through some scraps of paper with music on them when I thought to myself: ‘If I find the word moon in the music, then I’ll use it to paint on’ and guess what.. yah huh. Moon-lit. Close enough.

Week 4: Muse Week

So many muses, who to pick!? I just had to go with Brian Froud as he is responsible for my love of watercolours and squashed faeries. This is a quickie sketch of Mr Froud in the form of an elf which I think it is his true form really.

Week 5: Art Witchery in Action

This was a thought provoking prompt because I’d never really considered my art as witchery in any way, other than the subject matter, but it made me really think about my creative process and where the magick comes from. And after some thought I realised that there are many little rituals that come naturally. One of which is shown in the photos below where I hang many of my creations to cleanse in the insence smoke, especially if they have feathers.

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