We all know what it’s like.. you discover an idea or get a new pattern then get all inspired to create something. Before you even begin you can’t stop thinking about how amazing your new item will be when it’s finished. You start thinking about who else you could make one for, different colours or styles you can try.. “hell I could make them to sell online and get really rich, quit my day job and live my life doing what I love!!” Well I dunno if you’ve been there but I know I certainly have.

Then.. like a slap in the face your dream comes crashing down and shatter before your very eyes, when you realise the beautiful scarf you have been working on somewhat resembles the unidentified raggered item the dog threw up last week. *sigh* Suddenly all that inspiration and motivation is gone and you feel like you’ve just wasted the past how-ever many hours of your life.

Well, we’re are not alone. To lift your spirits once again I suggest you have a good read of the blog ‘craftfail’ where you can read (and see hilllarious photos) of other peoples craft FAILS! Sound weird? It kind of is. It’s funny weird. And it makes me laugh every time. Follow the link here: www.craftfail.com and you’ll see what I mean.

“I had some leftover soft cotton/acrylic blend yarn from a washcloth I made so I decided I was going to make a stuffed thing. Only I figured, “Pattern? Eh! Patterns are for sissies! I DUN NEED NO STEENKEEN PATTERN!”.

I ended up with Mickey the Crack Mouse. *LOL*”

 So there’s no need to suffer in silence any longer, you may even find your inspiration come back when you realise just how BAD some of these things are! Or you might even find the humour in your own fail and decide to add it.. check out some of the funny craftfails that made me smile today..

To the left is the original design, on the right is this lady’s craft fail. Did she sew the sleeves to.. another coat? I’m not sure what she’s done, but she claims she was hung over when she did it. Personally, I think she was still drunk.

Here you can see a beautiful picture of the common bath bomb. What a lovely gift it would make for a special friend! Well it didn’t quite work out that way for this creative crafter.. Perfect gift for someone you want to see deeply dissapointed.

‘That stuff was cemented into the vase and I could not get it out!’

2 Comments on “Craft FAIL!

  1. Oh wow, do i know that feeling. I have tried to make sooo many plushie that just didnt work to say the least. You should totally put post our TOY TO THE WORLD bears up. Yours how its meant to be an mine the hilarity it is 🙂

    • Next fail I create is going in that blog! Ah your bear was awesome, so creative I loved it 😀 There will be another toy to the world event.. can’t wait!