I’m a bit of a pinterest fan. In particular I love to look up inspiration for diy crafts. One of the many wonderful pins I’ve come across is a detailed tutorial to create your own book from scratch. I just happen to be a bit of a notebook fan as well.. I’m not sure what it is exactly but I can never have too many, I can always find a use for just. one. more.

I was really keen on the idea of using all recycled materials for my book, so it doesn’t cost anything and I use up scraps from around the house. And when I say ‘around the house’ I really mean the many boxes, folders and drawers I have full of items I’ve collected with the intention of ‘making something with it.’ You can view the book instructions I used by clicking here. Credit goes to James Darrow who you can find on Deviantart.com.

For my first book, I didn’t do too bad. I covered the outside in green fabric from an old dress, and for the cover I printed a copy of one of my toadstool house paintings onto some tea stained paper. I then sewed it to some leafy green textured paper and glued it to the book. My sewing skills are a bit dodgy here, but a bit more practice should help.


ImageFor the paper I went through all my scrap paper collections (yeah, I have a few..) and used random pages from old diaries, writing paper, envelopes, note pads etc. I really like how it turned out with the different coloured pages and odd pictures. I like it so much in fact, I made another!


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