I love to dress up. So I was pretty stoked when my friend had a dress up party for her birthday. It was around Halloween, so I wanted to do something creepy.. but with a twist. And so the evil tooth fairy was born.


To create this costume I wore a simple fairy costume (white dress, white tutu, white wings with stripey tights) and dressed it up with some handmade tooth jewellery and toy tools. Oh and blood, plenty of blood.

I used food dye to splatter blood on the dress which I was amazed to see it totally washed out leaving no stains at all! For a nice bloody tone I used red food dye with a few drops of blue to darken it. I watered it down a little and flicked it onto the dress with a paint brush.

To make the necklace, I used white polymer clay to create little rooted teeth and added a bent piece of wire to make a charm. Cook, paint blood, then add to a pearl necklace.

My what lovely teeth you have..
Photo taken after I wore it, so it needs touching up here

The crown turned out so well! I just used a cheap headband and layered it up with some hot glue. When I had some height I added the teeth I’d made from polymer clay, and secured with more glue. Then all it needed was a few coats of pink paint (I used acrylic) and finished off with, you guessed it, lots of blood.

To complete my outfit I also painted some plastic tools I bought at the cheapo shop. I sprayed them gold then added some dark red blood splatter. Muaahahahaaaaaa!

And there you have it! My evil tooth fairy costume. For an added storyline (and because he isn’t huge into dressing up) my hubby agreed to black out his teeth! I thought it was a great addition until I found out one of the party guests thought he really had no teeth and I was an arsehole for making fun of it. Bahahahhahaaaa!! We sorted that out, but gosh did I laugh!