I have been having a ton of fun playing around with my new watercolour set!


Check out that brush that came with it! I’ve never seen one before. You can take the top off and fill it with water, so as I paint I can give it a squeeze for more liquid, it’s genius! I’m probably the last person to even find out about this but I’m so bloody wrapped I have. It’s the gift that keeps giving!

Oh my goddess, let me tell you – it is so much easier having a palette of paint ready to go when you have children.

I used to wait until I knew I had at leasttwenty minutes to myself then work out the colours I needed, squeeze out paint from each tube and try to use it up before it dried. This was quite difficult to acheive when you’re being interrupted by two sweet little cherubs and a darling husband.

Dry watercolour from a tube can be reused but only as a light coloured wash (in my experience anyway) and it can also become gritty, leaving little chunks of pigment on the painting.

All I have to do now is wet my paint brush and away I go!

And away I have gone indeed. I started off trying to paint a feather which turned out to be tricker than I expected. Next thing I know I’ve painted 20 feathers. Then I just kind of went with whatever inspired me at that very moment.


Meanwhile I’ve been studying the watercolour works of Iris Compiet, Amy Brown and Lora Zombie for inspiration, ideas and techniques. Those ladies are brilliant!

I might also add that I’ve never had lessons in watercolour, I’ve always made it up as I went. Now I’m starting to look up tutorials on youtube and it’s like I’m seeing with new eyes! Gosh these paints rock!watercolour2

Fun fun fun!feather3feather1watercolour1w1watercolour4panda

And what’s this.. a portrait? Not my strong point but I would like practice more. So I did. Do you know who it is?lagertha