It is well known in faery folkore that one must never dance with the faeries, and whatever you do, never ever ever eat faery food.

You probably shouldn’t collect their corpses in jars either, but some rules are just made to be broken.

Welcome, and behold my latest collection of rare faery specimens! One of a kind bespoke pieces for your curiosity collection. It is unknown if these specimens are entirely deceased or under a spell, perhaps some kind of fae trickery to fool us mortals. In which case I recommend you do not touch!

I should also warn you that by taking ownership of any faeries or faery artifacts, they may attract unwanted unseelie fae and mischievous folk. So if you own any or feel there has been some suspicious fae activity in your life, I have a list of faery protections you may want to consider in order to protect yourself..

Protection from faeries

Iron – It is believed that fae folk are repelled by iron, even poisoned by it according to some. Placing iron on your front door, such as a horseshoe, will ward off evil faeries. The magick is even stronger if you mount the horseshoe sideways, to represent the crescent moon.

Bells – Not just any bell, but a deep toned bell like those in churches. Moody bells and chimes by the front or back door will help to protect your home. You may consider carrying a bell with you, just in case.

Clothing – If you suspect the bad fae are about.. simply turn your jacket inside out! A quick and easy repellent to use any where. No jakcet? No problem, other clothing items will work too. A jacket is just much easier to turn than your pants.

Offerings – Place a bowl of milk or cream by the back door as an offering to the fae, to keep you on their good side. Be careful not to offer anything sweet, or they may not want to leave.

Salt – A ring of salt around your home or under the windows will help protect your family and ward off evil of all kinds.

St Johns Wart – Carrying posies of St Johns wart or planting them around your home is known to repel the evil faeries.

Daisies – Particularly a daisy chain, worn on the head or neck of children will protect them from being taken by the faeries.

Four Leaf Clover – While this may not protect you from the faeries, it will allow you to get a glimpse of them if they are nearby. The more you have, the more glimpses you will get, so you can keep an eye on their mischeivous ways.