Floating moon wishes have had a make over!

What are floating moon wishes?

If you haven’t already heard, floating moon wishes are specialty pieces of paper that you write your wish or intention on, scrunch up, roll into a cylinder and set alight. As the paper burns down the remaining ash floats up into the air like magick!

What’s new?

The new envelopes are premade so no more precise folding, and the wish papers can be tucked neatly back inside the envelope when not in use. The new design comes with a selection of coloured wish papers, a set of instructions, moon phase chart, moon phase meanings and colour meanings all printed onto 200gsm card stock.

Wait, there’s more?

In true me style, I just had to create more work for myself and now I am releasing a range! Introducing.. Floating Ritual Paper and Floating Wish Paper! They all have the same contents, the only difference is the name and the different coloured labels.

How lovely do they look together though?

Where can you purchase?

The new look Floating Moon Wishes, Ritual Paper and Wish Paper are all currently available from my website, in the shop section.

Special Offer!

Remaining ‘old style’ Floating Moon Wishes are still available in my Etsy shop, and I’m offering 20% off until stock runs out. That includes free shipping Australia wide!