You may have read previous posts about my ‘craft fail’ incident, involving my over enthusiastic confidence to cook like a MasterChef and a recipe for macaroons.

Long story short I created ‘craparoons’ which were a complete disaster. Or so I thought.


I knew of a hilarious blog called Craft Fail where you can submit your failure and have a good ol’ laugh about it. So I did just that.

You can have a read of it here. My fail made number 3 in the top ten craftfails for 2011! Go me! But wait, it gets even better..

There’s now a book.



So you have probably guessed by now that yes indeedy I have a copy of the book to give away!


You will find my not-so-lovely craparoons on page 99 and a heap of other hilarious fails throughout! There’s lots of pictures and hilarious quotes and comments that literally made me laugh out loud.

Oh! And of course I will very happily sign the book for the lucky winner.

To enter, just make a comment below, maybe tell me about your craft fail experience? I’d love to hear!

Entries close 31st December 2014 and I’ll draw a winner by random early in the new year. What a fabulous way to start 2015! With a free book and laughter!

7 Comments on “Give Away!! (Ended)

  1. i tried to make my wedding cake to resemble DrWho’s Tardis. The day before my wedding last year I started to stack white and brown chocolate mud cakes up to be 35cm in height, glued together with green ganache like the internal tardis colour is at times. I rolled all my blue fondant into strips, put ganache over the tardis shape and started to put the fondant slabs on the side. All my best thought and preparation had gone into how it was going to work, however it didn’t account for one thing. The two days before my wedding the temp outside reached 38 degrees and my kitchen was still 35 when I started. Well the slabs slid off, only the start of my fail. The cake started to slide due to the heat, the ganache wouldn’t set. My fridge was full of wedding good so I couldn’t fit my tall cake in. I panicked and bought ingredients and made royal icing at 10pm. It slid off too!! Arghh. I managed to get it to sort of stick but couldn’t smooth it out so it became “textured” shall we say. Next morning on the big day I had to paint my cake with blue food colouring. But it had slid in every which way possible overnight. I put it under the air con to get it to sort of hard but it was a write off. But me being the arty farty art teacher, decided it was a Van Gogh interpretation of the tardis, just like when the Dr met the man himself in that famed episode.