Today is day 30! One whole month in isolation.

I mentioned a few posts back that I had a bunch of crafty supplies on the way.. they came, I created, it’s been heaven.

And now I can finally share some of my new creations with you.

I am SO excited about these..

Crystal cauldron candles.

They’re cauldrons with candles and crystals in them! What more could one want? Why not a few herbs and gemstones thrown in? don’t mind if I do! Rock incense, yes please. And top it all off with a dash of eco glitter, because sparkles are the bomb.

The cauldrons are metal and I’ve filled them with soy wax, added colour (as you may notice I’m still getting a feel for how colour blocks work) and a heap of essential oils because I want the scent to knock your socks off!

While they were drying I added some dried herbs from my garden, crystals, tumbled stones, incense and glitter. I am so in love with them I just had to keep one for myself.

I gave it to myself for my birthday.

The other three were claimed before I even had a chance to put them in my shop! I think others are just as excited as I am. I will definitely be making more of these beauties so if you are interested in buying one please send me a message, I have a feeling they won’t last long..