Ok things are getting a bit out of hand here..

I thought I’d be making a whole lot more than I am, instead my brain has gone into overdrive and I have SO many ideas, like, so many.. it’s all very exciting! Problem is I keep ordering more supplies, soon I’m going to be overwhelmed with a whole lot of new crafts to do. All in time for my birthday, so the timing is pretty neat actually.

I’ve got more soap making supplies on the way, I’m going to be making some magick bath products – a whole new witchy inspired range is coming, so that needs some packaging designs as well, I’m super excited about that! AND now oh my goddess, I had the most amazing candle idea. I won’t give away too much, but I’ve seen a new kind of style appearing on the market and I’ve put my own twist on it. I love it so much in fact I’m making one for me, one for a friends birthday, and two more which, if all goes according to plan, will be available on Etsy.

And, if it doesn’t go according to plan then I’m sure I’ll have some funny craft fail stories to share with you all!

Oh the waiting is killing me I just want to start them all now! NOW!

So other than day dreaming about making new things, I have also been getting on top of a few projects too. I finally finished painting this limited edition batch of wands! The ‘crystals’ (plastic) came from a wedding I attended last year, so I only had these 5 to work with.

I also finished something I had started moons ago, which is always satisfying. Finally my first printable! A range of herb labels with magick properties on them, available to download and print out yourself. I had the design I just needed to get around to printing them and taking photos. Feels good to get it done, and I’m pretty pleased with how it all turned out.

And finally some perfume bottle necklaces. I had a friend over a while back and we made some of these bottles into necklaces, then created out own perfume oil elixirs to put inside! These bottles come empty so you can create your own scent.

These and all of the above are now available in my Etsy shop. Thanks so much for stopping by!