I absolutely love custom jobs that spark new ideas. This job was one of those. The ideas were endless and they just kept coming, and evolving.. I freakin love that! I had to stop myself from going overboard, and instead the inspiration began to pour out onto other projects I’m working on.. like the interactive dead faery sculpture that is now going to have a mystery to solve within it as well! But more on that later. Back to the Magical Fairy Gift Box.

Fairy Parcel Fin

I was asked to paint a fairy for a young girl and later the idea was proposed to create a fairy gift box with trinkets inside. Well! I tell you what, I grabbed the idea and flew with it! I had so. much. fun.

Above is the finished box. I found a gift box to put everything in, I was after something plain but the pretty roses and lettering looked fairy-gift like to me. Then I went crazy adding twine, tags and a wooden butterfly button.

Fairy Parcel1

Extra stuffing to keep everything in place..

Fairy Parcel3

All the things!

Fairy Parcel5

I didn’t want the painting hidden at the bottom, so instead I hid it at the top! In the lid. The artwork is on cardboard backing, wrapped in a bio-degradable plastic then stuck to the tissue paper with double sided tape. The tissue paper is glued to the lid and sealed with a sticker.

Fairy Parcel5a

Ta da! The painting is safely tucked away.

Fairy Parcel7


To fill the box I used a lid from another gift box inside as a platform, because I didn’t want the contents to be loose. It worked perfectly! Then I added a layer of green moss (that I’d bought for our wedding but forgot to actually use) which worked perfectly.

Inside is an assortment of trinkets and treasures for the lucky birthday girl to explore. Starting with a sweet little toadstool matchbox containing a letter from the one and only Lily Rose, Princess of Fairyland.

Fairy Parcel15Fairy Parcel14

Fairy Parcel13


Inside the gold star bag is one of my dear little hanging toadstools.

Fairy Parcel21

A pocket full of wishes.. complete with pretty paper to write your wishes on and a rose quartz for love and magic. Also glitter, because glitter. It’s like magic seasoning really.

Fairy Parcel17

Fairy Parcel17aFairy Parcel17bFairy Parcel18

Ooh la la..a miniature bottles of fairy dust and magic beads! I know I loved teeny tiny things as a kid.. who am I kidding, I still do!

Fairy Parcel11

A packet of sunflower seeds to attract fairies to your garden. Naturally.

Fairy Parcel9Fairy Parcel10

Aaand.. a magical fairy bracelet of course! Tied into a little gift card with twine and a toadstool tag. Every details counts 🙂

Fairy Parcel6Fairy Parcel2

Fairy Parcel Fin

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