I was recently asked by a friend to make a dream catcher for her son, who has been having bad dreams. I was so glad she asked! Of course I would. Dream catchers have been on my ‘to do’ list for a long time so I was excited to get started. Not long after, I had another request from my sister in law to make one for my niece.. certainly! Surely this is a sign..? I sign that’s telling me I must drop everything and create these lovely things! Of course it is.

So I thought I’d make a tutorial to share with you all, because yes, I’m just that awesome.


Aah the delightful chaos that is my studio!

All you need is:

  • Waxed thread – Must be waxy, it enables you to pull the thread tightly without it breaking
  • Twine or leather – To wrap around the hoop
  • Beads
  • Hoop – I’ve used branches before, but if this is your first time stick to a hoop
  • Feathers
  • Glue

I have also used in mine: fabric scraps, ribbons, lace, old jewelry parts and butterfly buttons. Go through all your crafty things and see what you can use. This is my favourite part, the treasure hunting!






Ok lets get started! I have taken step by step photos to show you the web making process.. firstly lets look at how to make that web.


Tie the waxed thread to the hoop, a nice tight double knot. Place the thread back over the hoop with about a 3 cm gap from the knot.


Bring the thread back through the hoop and over the existing thread.


Pull the thread to the right and repeat


Repeat all the way around and back to the beginning. Keep pulling the threat tight as you go.


Continue the process on the next round and you will slowly start to understand how the web shape is formed.



Don’t forget to add your beads! It’s best to add them early otherwise the web becomes too small and the beads get in the way. Dream catchers only rewuire one bead but I like to add a few.


When the web is complete simply tie a double knot nice and tight – but before you cut off any loose ends, always add a dab a glue and let it dry.

Now for the decorating! I used a rough hemp twine to wind around the hoops, and on one of them I used wool. Simply tie the twine of choice to the hoop and as you wind it tightly, smear glue on the hoop as you go. Tie at the end and leave some extra twine to tie as a hanger.  Add plenty of glue to the knots.


I glued feathers to the side and bound them with more twine. Ribbons are attached with a larks head knot and dabbed with glue on the back. Other random items have been glued or tied on.



I also made labels with instructions and explaining how dream catchers work.