I’ve been working merrily away on a miniature Wizard’s cupboard and it’s finally complete! I say finally.. when in fact it only took me a couple of weeks (only working on it for a little bit each day) and it came together quite quickly without any hiccups. Love it when that happens..


I had a little shadow box and wasn’t sure what to do with it.. then good ol’ Pinterest throwing me random suggestions sparked something in my brain and I knew what it had to be. A miniature cupboard with magical things inside! I had so much fun making and collecting all the teeny tiny bits and pieces to bring my magical cupboard to life.


The contents includes bottles, skulls, books, scrolls, a candle, key, crystal ball to name a few.. and there also happens to be some golden treasure hidden in there too.


I secured most of the pieces with blu-tack so they don’t roll around,  but also so you can take everything out and explore. Each scroll has something written or drawn on it too. The books are blank though, to write your own notes and secrets.


This little cupboard which I have called ‘The Wizard’s Cupboard’ will be available at my very first market stall, at The Mythical Markets held in Ferny Creek, Victoria on December 2nd.


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