A while back I wrote about making a dead faery, which you can read about here.

Looking back I realised never actually linked the fairy hoax story.. it’s known as ‘The Derbyshire Mummified Fairy’ created by artist Dan Baines. Interesting story, if you have not yet read about it I suggest you do. (And check out his other creepy art and magic while you’re there! The picture above is of one of his pieces)


Just recently I decided to try making some dead faeries again but with a few modifications. I’m still in the process of making them (yep, two) and I’ll take photos along the way to show you in another post. However.. while researching how to make realistic faery wings I stumbled across a kickstarter project to help fund a dvd tutorial on how to make THE Derbyshire mummified fairy by Dan Baine himself! Coincidence? I think not! The universe lead me to it, I’m sure.

Below is a link to the kickstarter page. Even after funding has ended, you can still have a look at it and keep an eye out s to when the dvd will be released!

There’s only 6 days left of funding, and I have of course already pledged enough to score my own copy of the dvd, a mummified fairy kit and a few other goodies including signed photos that come in a police evidence bag. (pretty neat, huh?) If you’re quick, you can be part of it too!