The Mythical Markets were even more wonderful and spectacular than last year! Hard to believe, but it was. Probably because I was waaay more prepared this time which certainly helped and I had my little friend Kerry join me again, what a superstar.

Together we had made a big batch of magick, shiny wands which turned out to be a big hit on the day. We completely sold out, ah-mazing! They were so much fun to make too, so we decided to open a little Etsy shop we call ‘Enchantorium‘. How sweet are they? They even have individual name tags with an activation ritual. (Careful though, if you don’t follow the instructions correctly, it might make you fart) They are also available in my B.Inspired etsy shop, here.

It was hella fun to meet so many strange people and characters, I felt right at home. This time we managed to get the stall set up early so we were able to have a look around the market before it began. Wow. So many interesting, unusual, adorable and delightful things!
I bought myself some faery dust from Nightshade FX because it was just so.. my style.

I wish I’d taken more photos, but I didn’t, so I’ve borrowed some from B.K. Henderson and Joss Jensen Photography.

How amazing are these pictures!?

Unfortunately I have been informed that the markets will not be taking place in the same location next year, which is such a shame because it really is such an enchanting place as you can see. Hopefully it will still go ahead but the destination is currently unknown.. fingers crossed all will be resolved and we will meet again, my people! Until then, stay weird xx