As the world went into isolation in early 2020, photographers from all over the globe documented their experiences through pictures.

I however, did not.

I was a bit bummed that I hadn’t thought to. But little did I know I would get another chance with a second lockdown from July – November, here in Melbourne, Victoria.

Now that we’re on our way out, with most restrictions lifted, I feel it’s time I can share these images and reflect on a moment in history.

And lets hope with all our might that we will never have to home school ever again.


Hour of daily exercise
Cooking with kids
Stay Home
We’re all mad here
Iso haircuts
Practice makes perfect
Can we go to the park yet?
Fun at home
Let me out

Towards the end of lockdown I had an appointment to get my eyes tested. I took my camera with me and snapped a few pictures of the almost empty shopping centre. It was very surreal to see so many stores closed, red and white tape everywhere, signs on every window stating how many customers were allowed inside at one time, not to mention all the social distancing stickers and Xs on the floor.

I felt the need to document it.

3 Comments on “Photo Series – Life in ISO

  1. Great series of pics! They document your life in lockdown well. We’ve been so lucky in Tassie but still a chance it can come here again. I’ve been luckier than most with an essential job so never had to lock down in the early days here.
    Hope your family is doing well, stay safe 🙂

    • Ah we’ve been so jealous of you lot down there! Would you believe we’re back in lockdown again.. one week down and one to go. Just as things seemed normal again, ha! We’re all good though, and it’s warm at home, so I can’t complain 🙂

      • I did wonder if you were, I expect you’d be better prepared this time. To be honest, I think I’d quite enjoy a few weeks of solitude at home. I do feel sorry for those that live in small appartments though, that would be pretty tough.