With Halloween just around the corner, I thought I would get into the spirit with a little DIY crafting and potion making.

As per usual, I got carried away, but I ended up with this marvelous collection! These can be used for display purposes or add your own edibles for a themed party or strange gift.

The best part is recycling all those old jars and bottles, they’re free and you’re giving them a new life. Everything I used can be found around the home as well, so it’s a really easy and an inexpensive craft to do. You can make your own labels, or if you’d rather an instant download I have made mine available through etsy, which you can purchase here. The download comes with six pages of labels and instructions to give them an aged look, just as I have in the images below.

Once you have your labels ready, you’ll need some potions! These are a lot of fun to play around with. I experimented with a few different methods using a variety of the following household items:

– Water
– Cooking oil
– Food colouring (both store bought and natural)
– Mica powder*
– Glitter
– Cellophane

*Mica powder is used in make up. I had some on hand from making bath bombs, but if you don’t have any you can use eye shadow, shimmer powder or bronzer for the same results. You can also substitute with metallic paints.


Water + blue food dye + saffron powder + gold mica

This is my favourite combo and it’s super simple. Fill your bottle with water and add a few drops of food colouring. Then, add about half a teaspoon of mica powder and shake well. Add more mica as needed. The only reason I used saffron powder is because I had run out of yellow food dye. Hot tip!

Beetle Juice

Water + food dye + cooking oil + gold mica powder

Fill your bottle 2/3 with water and add food dye. Fill to the top with cooking oil and add the mica powder last. Shake!

To make beetle juice I used a lot of blue and green dye, which turned it almost black. As the oil floated to the top before I added the mica, all the shimmer stayed in the oil at the top. This was unintentional, but turned out pretty neat!

Faery Blood

Water + pink food dye + purple mica + glitter

Mix food dye into water, add mica powder and glitter. The pigments will settle to the bottom and need a good shake to get the glittery goodness flowing.

Milk of the Poppy

Water + white mica powder

Like wildfire, but no food dye to keep it milky white.

Add some metallic white mica to water and bam, milk of the poppy my friend. Use any of the shimmering alternatives – eye shadow or metallic paints.

You may like to try adding a little flour to keep the water cloudy longer as the mica powder does settle at the bottom.

Bottled Dreams

Water + food dye + iridescent cellophane scraps

I really love the way this simple idea turned out. I had a handful of shiny, rainbowy iridescent cellophane scraps I just couldn’t throw away.. and I’m glad I didn’t. I scrunched them up and stuffed them into the bottle. Then just added water, and a few drops of food dye.

If you don’t have iridescent cello you can try using coloured and see what happens!?

Now obviously these potions aren’t to be consumed. But it doesn’t have to be this way..

I used marshmallows as unicorn poo and choc mint balls for dragon eggs. Also cold water as moon juice and wine for poison. Included in my label package is a whole page of labels carefully thought out to be used on food items.

Party Trick: Place one drop of food colouring to the bottom of each glass and surprise your guests when your pour them a drink that changes colour!

Now to decorate!

I think this calls for a whole new post. You can find it here.

Printable Labels

Print your own labels instantlyby following this link to my Etsy shop: This package includes 6 pages of over 60 labels, an instruction sheet to age your labels and an inspiring list of other uses to get the most out of your purchase. Labels can be printed as many times as you wish for peronal use and gifts only.

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