Decorating time

Time to decorate our potion bottles! If you’re not sure what I’m on about, you can see my last post (part 1) using this link here.

To decorate the bottles I raided my trinkets, beads and craft cabinet to find the following:

– Spray Paint
– PVA Glue
– Twine
– Assorted broken jewellery / beads / charms
– Sealing Wax (or crayons)

The first thing I look at when decorating is the lid. If it’s an odd colour, or has logos on it, spray with a coat of spray paint. Even if you’re going to cover the lid with wax or twine, it’s worth making the lid a matching colour in case any shows through.

Next, I add twine. You can wrap twine around the bottle neck, tie a bow or use to attach a charm or swing tag. Whatever you do, add some PVA to the knots and let them dry before cutting off any loose ends.


Rummage through your collection of shiny things for chains, broken jewellery, beads, charms etc. I like to look for colours or shapes to match the bottles. Chains can be used to go around the bottles or fall to the side with a charm on the end.

Finally, for the finishing touches! Sealing wax. Crayons will work too. Simply melt the sealing wax and pour onto the lid or around the edge of a corked bottle and let the wax drip down the sides. If you would like to stamp the sealing wax, this will not work easily on a curved edge! Use a flat surface, or make the stamp separately on baking paper and glue onto the bottle.

Mini Potions

These are a little different. As they are tiny with corks, I didn’t want to fill them with liquids in case they leaked.

Instead, I painted the inside to make it look like they’re full of potion. Some also contain other items, such as large glitter for siren scales, shimmery twine for unicorn hair, and tiny pearl beads for mermaid eggs.

To paint the inside I used metallic acrylic paint with a drop of water to make it runny. Put the cork in, give it a shake, then remove the lid to pour out any excess and leave to dry. Keep an eye on them, if the paint is too runny it may all sink to the bottom. If this happens just rotate the jars or shake them occasionally as they dry.

I also tried using nail polish which worked really well and gave me a range of bright shimmery colours.

I hope you are feeling inspired. Please share your creations with me, I would love to see!

If you are interested in using the labels I designed, you can purchase them using the link below.

Potion Labels DIY

This package includes six pages of over 60 labels for you to download and print at home instantly. Also included is instructions to age your labels an a bonus page of inspiring ideas. Available through my Etsy shop.