Floating Wish Paper Trio Pack


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Set of all 3 wish paper packs.

Floating wishes are specialty pieces of paper that you write your wish or intention on, scrunch up, roll into a cylinder then set alight. As the paper burns down the remaining ash will float up into the air like magick!

Inside each neat little package you will find:

  • Instructions
  • Moon phase chart* with a guide to their magickal properties
  • 15 sheets of assorted coloured wish papers

These wish papers can be used during rituals, ceremonies and spell casting, or have fun with friends on special occassions. Floating wish paper adds a little surprise element to celebrations and meaningful times.

Please note: All wish paper packs have the same contents. The different labels are simply to suit different occassions.

* The moon phase chart is made to reflect the Southern Hemisphere. If you are located in the Northern Hemisphere, simply follow the moon chart clockwise instead of widdershins.


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