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Faery Spirit Doll – Mystery Pick

Each little doll is handmade, with a hand painted face, wrapped in a toasty warm mixture of fabrics, recycled cloth, twine, moss, feathers, beads and/or gemstones. Dolls arrive in a decorated gift box.

Dolls are made in ‘batches’ with each collection having its own colour palette and use of materials.

**Please note that the doll you recieve will not be one pictured in the images, it will be a surprise!**

How to use your Faery Spirit Doll

Spirit Dolls come in many variations. These dolls in particular are created to be used as a ‘portal’ to hold your intentions.
You may like to use your doll as a protection charm, a worry doll, talisman to bring joy, self empowerment, calm or strength etc.

To use it, hold the doll, take a few deep breaths and focus your thoughts on your intention. Think of what you wish to use the doll for and imagine a light coming from the doll and surrounding you (or other person/ home/ car etc) My personal belief is to do whatever feels right for you, it’s all about channeling that thought into the doll.

Of course they don’t need to be used like this at all! Some people use them in crafts, indoor fairy gardens, display pieces and so on.

I hope this helps/inspires you!


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