Spirit Doll


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The intention of these little dolls is to work as a vessel for your own personal needs.

Or, of course, you can absolutely gift these to your loved ones and set intentions before passing them on.

There’s so many things these little dolls can be used for, crafts, indoor fairy gardens, worry doll, protection talisman, good luck charm, it’s totally up to you. Whatever you wish to use your doll for, just set your intentions and you’re ready to go. You may do this by thinking your intentions, writing them down, burning them, create your own little ritual with the doll, it is completely up to you

Each little doll is handmade, with a hand painted face, wrapped in a toasty warm mixture of hand dyed fabrics, recycled cloth, twine, moss, feathers, beads, gemstones and a gumnut hat on top.

Dolls are currently selected by intuition unless you would like to make a request.

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