Well, that went fast.

2015 was jam packed full of artsy goodness, but I didn’t realise just how much until I looked back on everything I’d achieved. I guess the biggest thing to happen this year, art-related, was winning 2nd place in Canon’s Light Awards Competition! That was early on in January, for the month’s brief ‘freedom’.

Christmas Day 2014 sml

Not a bad start.

I completed thirteen paintings including 2 squashed faeries, 6 toadstools, 1 book illustration, 2 small canvases and 2 collaborations with my 2 year old son.

2015 was the beginning of dream catchers. I have lost count of how many I made but it would be at least ten. More are coming too, I promise! I also made a hell of a lot of hanging toadstools and a handful of hanging stars.

My work was displayed in four exhibitions in 2015:

  • Maroondah Photo Competition (Photos below)
  • Belgrave Fire Brigade Annual Art Show (Toadstool House Paintings)
  • Small Works Exhibition (Sydney – Mini toadstool paintings)
  • Maroondah Mayoral Art Prize (Squashed faeries)

Maroondah comp 1 duck2015 PC cat1 AdventureTime RingwoodLake Barkley

Although I didn’t win anything in the Maroondah Photo Competition, I did in fact have my entry from last year included in the 2015 brochure! So I pretty much won anyway 🙂 That’s me floating on the lake..


On top of all this art insanity, I also had a huge art project that I worked on from January to October. That project was.. our wedding! I DIY’d the crap out of that thing, and I was in. my. element. From the invitations to decorations, hand fasting ribbons and the all mighty medieval chandeliers. Yes, you read that right. I made medieval chandeliers.

I’ll be going into further details with all the wedding diy hoo ha in future posts, but for now I’ll just leave these viking inspired wedding craftaholic pics here..

Overall it was a pretty crazy year and even I’m surprised to see how much I crammed into a measly 365 days. (I also work 4 days a week) In fact on top of all this again I also photographed two more weddings! Bringing my wedding photography tally to 5 so that was a great experience too. I haven’t yet finished editing them all so I’ll leave those for another post.

Bring on 2016!