Late last year, the design job of a lifetime appeared in my inbox. It was an opportunity to work with a fabulous little team known as ‘Who gives a crap?’. It’s a small business that manufactures earth friendly toilet paper and 50% of their profits go towards building toilets for those that truly need them. It was a dream come true.. design work, environmentally friendly product and giving to those in need. Brilliant!

Updating my resume was good fun, because I grabbed the toilet humour and ran with it. I ended up with a rainbow farting unicorn flying across page – surely that would get some attention?

Unicorn farting

Indeed it did! But alas I did not get the job. Bugger. However.. I decided to upload the unicorn picture to my Redbubble account and guess freakin what!? I’m actually making sales. That’s right, sales, as in more than one!

Ok, so I’m not exactly ready to give up my day job.. I’m only earning about 40 cents per sticker, but hey, people actually like my farting unicorn enough to buy it. This is awesome!

Unicorn sticker

And of course, you can get one too. Or a t-shirt, or a bag.. you might wana get in early cos you know, I’ve clearly started a trend here. Before you know it I’ll be licencing my design to someone big like Prada and the stickers will be at least $100 a pop.

Grab your Rainbow Farting Unicorn goodies here!

Unicorn tee





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