Toy to the World Project is back for 2017 and I’m really excited to take part in it again. TTTW is a charity event and exhibition that raises funding for HIV support and research. Artists customise a vinyl Popobe bear which are then exhibited and auctioned.

You can read more about the Melbourne based event here.

This years exhibition Opening Night is Wednesday 11th October 2017 @ ArtBoy Gallery 99 Greville st. Prahan from 6pm.

I’m currently working away on two bears, they’re not finished yet but I thought I’d share some progress pics because sooo much detail is going into them. I’m aiming to kick my past years entries’ butts.

This is my set up.. 101 things happening at my computer desk. No shame.

(Desktop Image by Von Wong Photography)


I’m using Sculpey to make all the little toadstools and Derivan Matisse acrylic paints. These will be for the large 10 inch bear.


This little guy is my 6 inch bear. I painted him with acrylic paint (at least 2 coats) and added a protective layer using Jo Sonja’s Matte Varnish. I still need to add the accessories: necklace, staff/wisdom stick and antlers.


To be continued..




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