My bears are complete for Toy to the World 2017!

Meet ‘Totem’ the Animal Spirit Guide and ‘Funghi Town’ where we’re going down, down, down, down, down down down.. to.

These guys will be exhibited at the Toy to the World exhibition being held in Prahran, Melbourne opening night October 11th.

TTTW bears 201720170919_103453

I’m really pleased with the results, they’ve both turned out the way I’d hoped they would. I had no major issues either so that was a bonus.

Materials I’ve used on my vinyl toys are: Acrylic paint, matte varnish, sculpy modeling clay, hot glue, PVA glue, faux moss, faux plastic plants (which I painted) and both are glued to a wooden base.


Totem’s staff is made using a twig, waxed twine, beads, peacock and guinea fowl feathers.


For more info and event details click here.