Fancy seeing you here, it’s been a while! Uh in a nut shell.. I finished my Graphic Design Diploma, flew overseas to Vietnam for 2 weeks (Crazy! Insane! Amazing! Beautiful, friendly and delicious!) then coming home I had a nice pile of freelance design work to do, woo hoo!! But of course all this has sucked a few months out of me and I haven’t had time for anything else.. until now! Sort of, actually I have been taking a few photos in my spare time and what not.
Anyhow! So creative crafty goodness what has been happening in that respect? School assignments, holiday photography and the latest of course being the freelance work. I’ll share here my last project which was in fact a logo, business card AND shop sign design!!! SHOP SIGN! Biggest design project yet and I actually managed to get it all organised, printed etc. Amazing! I’m very excited about this one.

Homework and holiday snaps (best of) can be seen on my facebook page, Flickr, and recently updated website! Yes I’ve made changes to the website as well so if you haven’t been there in a while go check it out! I’m hoping to make more of an effort to keep it updated. I’ve added in more artowrk so now there’s more categories to look through. If there’s anything you’d like to read or see more of please let me know!