Market season has come to an end.. for me anyway. For now.


I had three market stalls, not many but it was a nice introduction without being too overwhelmed.

The Mythical Markets were crazy insane and I think I accidentally tossed myself well and truly into the deep end with that one, but it was marvelous all the same!

Followed by The Hills Art Market in Emerald, which turned out to be a rather quiet day, the complete opposite to my first experience! It was a welcome change though, I was able to drink coffee and eat lunch. Winning.

Then after a few cancellations due to weather, I ended my market season with another Hills Art Market.. this time is was sooo cold! No rain luckily, only a few gusts of wind, and even though it was terribly cold I still really enjoyed myself and managed to make some sales as well.


Winter is coming.

Actually it’s still a month or so away but I’m one of those people who does NOT like the cold. I enjoy Winter when I’m inside with the heater on, cooking, crafting away under lamp light, and reading in bed. You’ll find me wearing my enormous purple fluffy dressing gown, unicorn slippers, and cuppa in hand. Always a cuppa.

So what’s next for B.Inspired? I have a few commissions to work on, and other than that I intend to keep crafting, painting, and keeping my Etsy shop updated. If you’d like to be in the know, be sure to follow me on facebook and on Etsy!

Oh there is one more thing..  I have a group exhibtion coming up! I’ve submitted two watercolour paintings into this years Belgrave Fire Brigade Art Show. All money raised goes to the Belgrave Fire Brigade and the amazing work they do.

Opening night will be Friday 8th June at the Belgrave Fire station.