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Magical Rainbow Unicorn Chocolate

It’s magical.. it’s rainbow.. it’s unicorn chocolate. Yeah, you read that right. Oh my goddess this stuff is super easy to make and you can totally twist the recipe to create anything you wish. Choose your own colours, flavours, sprinkles, dried fruit, nuts, go crazy! I found this recipe by the delightfuly creative and quirky Katherine Sabbath on her instagram account. She’s the Queen … Read More Magical Rainbow Unicorn Chocolate


Give Away!! (Ended)

You may have read previous posts about my ‘craft fail’ incident, involving my over enthusiastic confidence to cook like a MasterChef and a recipe for macaroons. Long story short I created ‘craparoons’ which were a complete disaster. Or so I thought. I knew of a hilarious blog called Craft Fail where you can submit your failure and have a good ol’ laugh about it. So I did just … Read More Give Away!! (Ended)