Inspired by the Derbyshire mummified faery hoax by Dan Baine in 2007, I was delighted by the idea of making my very own preserved specimen to keep. I wanted to frame it and mount it on the wall like a butterfly. And so, the faery specimen obsession began..

Each faery has been signed and numbered, in an evergrowing collection that has spread worldwide.

These preserved faeries are handcrafted and styled with an assortment of materials. Each faery is unique and one of a kind with a signed label on the back stating the date, species type and specimen number. Some specimens are adorned with hair beads, jewellery, or moss. Some carry weapons or trinkets to create a story and personality of their own.

As of July 12th 2021 there are currently 75 specimens in existence.


Collectors please note: Due to a name change, specimens created up until June 2021 will have ‘B.Inspired’ on the label. Specimens created from July 2021 onwards will be branded with ‘Menagerie of Magick’.

Specimens can be found at selected retailers, in my online shop, and now available for pre-orders.

Specimen Prints


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