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Potion Bottles DIY Part 2

Decorating time Time to decorate our potion bottles! If you’re not sure what I’m on about, you can see my last post (part 1) using this link here. To decorate the bottles I raided my trinkets, beads and craft cabinet to find the following: – Spray Paint – PVA Glue – Twine – Assorted broken … Read More Potion Bottles DIY Part 2

Precious Metal Clay

About 2 years ago I bought some metal clay and after procrastinating for some time, this week I finally used it. Not guna lie, I was nervous. Not only is the clay is very expensive, but the blow torch my husband bought me was way bigger than the ones used in all the youtube videos. … Read More Precious Metal Clay

Floating Moon Wishes

Floating moon wishes have had a make over! What are floating moon wishes? If you haven’t already heard, floating moon wishes are specialty pieces of paper that you write your wish or intention on, scrunch up, roll into a cylinder and set alight. As the paper burns down the remaining ash floats up into the … Read More Floating Moon Wishes

Creative Process

Today I’m showing you a behind the scenes look at what happens when I create something that doesn’t go to plan. This is what happens most of the time, but you wouldn’t know, because I only share the pretty things. Lets keep it real. Here’s my creative process, warts and all.. Over a year ago … Read More Creative Process

The Faery Star

I came across this wonderful post about the ‘Faery star’ which I’d never heard of before. Isn’t it lovely!? I think I need one of these in my life. Thank you to Rhapsody Boheme for allowing me to share! (Please see link to Rhapsody’s blog page below) Picture: – (The faery star pendant is … Read More The Faery Star

Competition Time

As promised, I am hosting a giveaway to celebrate the launch of my small business ‘Menagerie of Magick’. I couldn’t decide on a prize so I’m offering a choice of one of 3 mystery boxes. They are: Fantasy – a mystery box of faery and fantasy themed treasures Witchy – a mystery box of witchy … Read More Competition Time


I have some very big news to share with you all! But first, a little background.. As some of you may already know, earlier this year I began studying small business. The opportunity came up and I found myself having a ‘why the hell have I not thought of this earlier?’ moment. The stars aligned, … Read More Announcement!

The Secret Society

What is The Secret Society? There’s a menagerie of mysterious things happening here at B.Inspired headquarters and I want to share them with you all, but only with those who are truly worthy of such knowledge. Those who truly want to know the secrets, musings, inspirations and creations. Those who are willing to subscribe.. By … Read More The Secret Society

Faery Protection

It is well known in faery folkore that one must never dance with the faeries, and whatever you do, never ever ever eat faery food. You probably shouldn’t collect their corpses in jars either, but some rules are just made to be broken. Welcome, and behold my latest collection of rare faery specimens! One of … Read More Faery Protection

Crafting phenomenon of 2020

This post was never published when it was supposed to be, back in October. I suppose I ran out of time? I felt it was worth sharing, something I will always reflect back on when I hear the number ’20-20′. It’s funny how at the beginning of lockdown, way back in March, I had all … Read More Crafting phenomenon of 2020

Photo Series – Life in ISO

As the world went into isolation in early 2020, photographers from all over the globe documented their experiences through pictures. I however, did not. I was a bit bummed that I hadn’t thought to. But little did I know I would get another chance with a second lockdown from July – November, here in Melbourne, … Read More Photo Series – Life in ISO

Isolation Creation

Today is day 30! One whole month in isolation. I mentioned a few posts back that I had a bunch of crafty supplies on the way.. they came, I created, it’s been heaven. And now I can finally share some of my new creations with you. I am SO excited about these.. Crystal cauldron candles. … Read More Isolation Creation

Free Colouring In Page

I hope you’re doing ok in these extraordinary times. To help keep you (or the kids) occupied for a few minutes during isolation, I’ve drawn up this colouring in picture of Oscar’s Dragon to share. I’m new to file sharing, so to download you will need to right click on the image below, select view … Read More Free Colouring In Page

Isolation Post #2

Ok things are getting a bit out of hand here.. I thought I’d be making a whole lot more than I am, instead my brain has gone into overdrive and I have SO many ideas, like, so many.. it’s all very exciting! Problem is I keep ordering more supplies, soon I’m going to be overwhelmed … Read More Isolation Post #2

Isolation Post #1

What better time to write a blog post than when I’m self isolating right here at home!? It’s one of those things I just never seem to find the time for. Well, I’ve got plenty of time now so here we go. Blog post. New things are brewing.. During my first few days at home … Read More Isolation Post #1

Evil Tooth Fairy Costume

I love to dress up. So I was pretty stoked when my friend had a dress up party for her birthday. It was around Halloween, so I wanted to do something creepy.. but with a twist. And so the evil tooth fairy was born. To create this costume I wore a simple fairy costume (white … Read More Evil Tooth Fairy Costume

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