Karma Stars and building wells in Cambodia

I have an amazing friend who has been raising money to build wells in rural Cambodia, enabling the people in remote villages access to clean water. So far she has funded 13 wells and counting.. I’m so proud to know such wonderful people!


Of course, I want to help. So I decided to make some Christmas decorations and try selling them with all profits being donated to building the next well. Each one costs US$230. (About $315 Australian) Even if I only raised a little, something is better than nothing.

I made 10 teracotta coloured clay stars and decorated them with gold leaf, twine and beads. I called them ‘Karma Stars’ because upon purchasing them you instantly get good karma for supporting such a great cause.



As it turns out I sold each and every one for $20 each, in less than 48 hours! Then I realised I can’t count because I’d actually made 11 stars.. but then I sold the extra one too. Go me.




All together we raised $220! Only $95 short of a well but still an amazing effort and certainly more than I can afford to donate on my own right now. I covered the postage with my own money as my ‘donation’ towards the cause. I’m pretty proud of my efforts, and super stoked to know so many generous souls!


If you’d like to help too you can make donations to the Cambodian Buddhism Association for Vulnerable Children.




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