The Faery in the Key Cabinet


The Faery in the Key Cabinet.

Or should I say the Mystery of the Faery in the Key Cabinet! But that was too long for the heading. Point is, this little masterpiece holds a secret and it’s up to the possessor to unravel the story..

5 FKC a

The story begins with a dead faery locked inside a cabinet. The mystery is, WHO put her there? WHY? And WHERE are they now?

This is a one of a kind, never done before (to my knowledge) interactive mystery artwork! Not only is it a beautifully macarbe and unusual piece to hang on your wall, it has a series of clues to lead you through and find the answers to those mysterious questions.

On the back of the cabinet is an envelope and inside is a letter to the possessor and a newspaper clipping to set the scene.

Each detail is handmade, dyed, written, created and/or designed. (Except for the cabinet, I bought that) Needless to say, I have spent a lot of time working on this little beauty. It has been a work in progress for about a year.

1 fkc code

On the side of the cabinet is this secret code which will tell you how to get inside the cabinet. Can you work it out? (I’ve given you a clue by rotating the photo.)


20170611_1646048 FKC9 FKC7 FKC6 FKC

Once inside the cabinet you will find a collection of keys, green moss and the rest of the puzzle. There are diary pages, a scroll and sealed envelope which will lead you to a hidden message to complete the story.


Pretty cool huh!? I think so! I hope to enter her into an exhibition sometime but until then, she’s hanging out with me in my loungeroom.



‘Help me’


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